100% Australian Hand Made Oval Soy Wax Space Freshener and Hand made Macrame Holder.



Handmade soy wax space fresheners & hand made macrame holder made to order.
Macrame hanger for aroma tablets.
Another Macrame mini hanger style look to use our aroma soy tablets.
This example has been made with french lavender fragrance and is fused with vanilla potpourri, left natural in colour to tell it's own story colour wise.
This is going to infuse into the mini marcrame hanger, making a nice aroma flow in a corner or room space.
This aroma tablet been made for a little while and has a lovely aroma cold throw.
This marcrame mini hanger being an original idea of Sweet-D-Lites, team up with our aroma space fresheners, very pleased as how the 2 have come together to make one of a kind gifts. All handmade by Sweet-D-Lites, orders can be placed.

Each one original and one of a kind, using different embellishments.
If wanting for a wedding favor or party can be arranged to have the same charm, personalize labels can also be made expressing your words.
This is just the an example of presentation available, will be showing different examples of what will be available.
Please do not hold the sachet in direct contact with clothes and keep away from heated sources - i.e no direct sunlight.
The wax can become malleable at high room temperatures so it should be kept somewhere cool. (they are sturdy this is just an example of what can happen)
Frosting may occur, please do not be alarmed as its an indicator that its made from 100% soy wax with no other additives.
Fragrance will fade over a period of time, then simply break up and use in your melt burner if you choose to, you will then be able to enjoy your fragrance longer.
Photo is an example the fragrance Angel Wings and vanilla potpourri, left natural in colour.
One of a kind, embellishments will vary for each one made.
Materials fragrance, soy wax, potpourri, macrame cotton, coloured yarn, pine mount

Being handmade by myself and made to order please allow 1 - 2 weeks turn around of order.

Shipping only within Australia from Rockhampton Queensland

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Made to order